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The Workshops

In each workshop, we use a combination of facilitated conversations and practice exercises to help participants realize and use the power of micro-choices within interaction. Our workshops range from a series of 2 to 6 sessions, are tailored for your specific needs, and can be held over Zoom or in person.

Conversations for Change

​​In “Conversations for Change,” a facilitated workshop in which participants learn to notice and respond to racism and other forms of bias as they occur in both everyday interactions and in silences, Dr. Creider and Dr. Washington model and facilitate close listening. By listening to contexts, ourselves, and each other, participants learn to recognize microaggressions and identify instances in which they may have been the aggressor, the target, or the witness. Through sharing stories and identifying societal and historical patterns at play, participants learn to listen differently and consider how every conversation can lead to institutional and community change.

Conversations for Change

Executive Leadership

Hot Spots

Community Upstander

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